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Карл Маркс возвращается!

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This paper is devoted to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Volume I of Karl Marx’s Capital in September 1867. The aim of this paper is not analytical one-on the contrary. We would like to review existing positions among contemporary Marxists; to review contemporary Marxist’s literature; to review tendencies in different interpretations of Marx’s writings; to present some myths, misleading, misinterpretations and sometimes an obvious lie as concerns his economic writings. It is the main question about the irrelevance, inconsistency, and obsoleteness of Marx. We put the question: have the economic writings of Karl Marx real meaning for today? Enrique Dussel, Argentinean philosopher, claims that we are witnesses of beginning of the second century of Marx (1983-2083). So, is Karl Marx really coming back? However, we live, to use catch phrase Antonio Gramsci, when “the old is dying and the new cannot be born.” We can rely on Marxist concepts as starting points for understanding the world today because they provide the best way to explain what is going on. The significance of Marx’s theory is that it so clearly spelled out the dynamic of capital accumulation that, much more than one might think plausible, his analysis provides key economic concepts from which to understand major features of the world economy today.

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З. Межва
Финансовый университет

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Межва З. Карл Маркс возвращается! Review of Business and Economics Studies. 2017;5(3):5-31.

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Mierzwa Z. Karl Marx is Coming Back! Review of Business and Economics Studies. 2017;5(3):5-31. (In Russ.)

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